December 30, 2012

Eastern Holiday

We walked to the store and bought two, one for me and one for her. She knew the guy working and he gave us a lighter and wished us luck. We left the store, walked over to the grassy field and carefully unwrapped the first one. It was yellow and the paper was thin and when we unfolded it we saw it had a small hole on the side. We lit the candle anyway, careful not to burn the paper, and waited. The paper filled limply but the air escaped and it wouldn’t fill. We decided to try the other one, the red one, and I stepped on the candle we lit and smothered the flame. We unfolded it, checked for holes (no holes) and carefully lit another candle. The flame flickered and grew in the wind, warm air filling the lantern’s paper chamber. It got big and round and once it started to float, we let it go, slowly rising and it bobbed in the wind. We stood there in the dark and made wishes—Christmas Eve—watching our bright red lantern float away with the other lanterns drifing in the hazy-night sky.


  1. Anonymous1/10/2013

    Hi Toph,
    Wow, so poetic, so beautiful!

  2. Cris: Me imaginé un rito de celebración chino; donde la gente deposita velas flotando por el río para pedir sus deseos de navidad. Es algo así?